cero presents "Outdoors"

  • date_range 07.18 (Sat) Open: 17:50 Start: 18:00 to 20:00
  • grade Alternative
  • labelcero

Cero’s new live “Outdoors” will be streaming on July 18th at 6PM! Cero’s last live streaming event “Contemporary http Cruise” at Hibiya Concert Hall was extremely well received by fans, and was given rave reviews by media around the world. Cero is happy to welcome everyone back for their next live, “Outdoors”.

*The video is only viewable from inside the Zaiko account which purchased the ticket
*Video is unable to be viewed from a direct URL
*The video will start from whichever point you join the stream and you are unable to return to earlier content during the stream
*The archive will remain for 72 hours after the stream
*An unstable internet connection may affect stream quality